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I have posted anything in awhile.  Well the contest was the last thing I have modeled.  

So I thought I would do another female face with the big eyes and pointy chin.  This is the fourth female I have done with this style.

I am not sure why the dark spots rendered under the nose.  There is a hook on both sides under a 5 point patch.  


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Hi Shelton- Nice model! Which AO feature are you using? (A:M has 3 that I know of...)

-A:M's AO feature which is pretty slow to calculate.

-A:M's GPU aka 'Screen Space Ambiant Occlusion'-or SSAO, renders swiftly but is a faked effect which works nicely.

-FastAO which is a 3rd party plug-in that may have been outdated by SSAO- renders swiftly but is a faked effect which works nicely.

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Matt I looked to make sure, and I good to go on render with lines group.  I am using AO, not the fake.  I have had issues in the past but have been able to solve them.   


David I found two things that had me baffled.  One half of the model has sss turned on and glossy as a shader.  I turned them off and the black areas moved to different locations.  I am looking at every single group to make sure they are at default values.  I do have average normal turned on.  I will try to render with them set to default

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