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Walter Baker

All of my Relations

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Well my friends, it's me again with another question that is probably simple, yet it eludes me.

I have my model all rigged on the LEFT side and finished the Relationships completed and working well.

I have flipped the Rig to the RIGHT side and looks good. In the process it Flipped the Relationships also. No problem. 

Saved as new model under diff. name...Then when brought in the old LEFT side Rig it only brought the Rig, NOT the Relationships.

So my question is how can I get the LEFT Relationships into the same New model with the Right ones. 

I have opened both Relationships to Edit, Tried 'command C' (Mac) Then Paste 'command V' in the new with all the RIGHT but nothing happens.

Another mystery of the universe???? How do I get the LEFT and RIGHT Relationships both together?

Am I missing something again???

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48 minutes ago, Walter Baker said:

Then when brought in the old LEFT side Rig...

I don't under stand what you are doing there.

If you had the left side rigged, and then flipped it and got the right side constraints also.... aren't both left and right in the same model already?

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I'll try explain it better....

Model A was complete (Left Side) rigged and the Relationships.(Control Constraints, Cosmetic Constraints, and Show...all ON/OFF)

I opened it up in "Text Edit Program Changed all the words Left to Right' Saved as Model B. So Model B was complete as model A but all Right side.

Opened model B (Right Side) and Imported model A (Left Side) to make model C

All the bones (left and Right) are in model C But all the Relationships are only for Right side, none of the Left side came in from A.

I hope that makes more sense.



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You can just drag and drop the poses that didn't import.

Hope that helps.


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