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Pro Video: designed to meet all the audio & video needs of its customers

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Pro Video: designed to meet all the audio & video needs of its customers

Pro Video: Designed to meet all the audio & video needs of its customers

The 1990s, a decade of change, a decade of new technology, a decade that will pave the road into the 21st century. Businesses must look at the present with any eye for the future, and that is exactly what Pro Video Sales Company aims to do.

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What can Pro Video do for Delaware Valley Companies? We design, install, supply and service the equipment necessary for state-of-the-art conference rooms, editing suites, video control rooms and interactive video presentation displays.


Our regional successes include the installation of a sophisticated electronic showroom for Boeing Vertol, an on-line editing suite for GE Aerospace Division and a soon-to-be completed video wall for the lobby of Scott Paper. Additionally, Pro Video has won IBM's confidence and currently holds the contract for all of the video and interactive equipment which meet IBM's rigorous demands.

Our company offers complete sales, service and installation of various types of electronic equipment. Pro Video employs engineers, consultants, service technicians, installers and trained, knowledgeable sales personnel.

Pro Video is not a "box" house. Our sales personnel custom-tailor video equipment and make recommendations based on the customer's specifications. Following the principle of complete service for each customer, our staff works with the customers to find the best possible combination of equipment to meet their unique requirements.

As an authorized dealer for most of the professional video manufacturers, Pro Video stocks over 100 lines of professional video and audio equipment. The major lines are represented by SONY, JVC, NEC and Panasonic. The support lines are technically-oriented to offer complete packaging of systems. The engineering and installation team work hand-in-hand with the local businesses offering the technology and expertise necessary to put together the finest video systems available.

Pro Video maintains a fully-stocked warehouse to afford customers the advantage of 24 hours shipping on most lines anywhere in the country. Businesses and professionals can request the Pro Video catalog to have a hands-on guide to most of the equipment available through our distribution network. This catalog is distributed nationwide free of charge.

Pro Video carved its own niche in the professional video marketplace. Today, Pro Video is a national company and is the largest division of its parent company, the Hifi House Group of Companies. Pro Video caters exclusively to the professional and business communities.

In 1984, a team of people looked toward the future and the vast potential of electronics in the workplace. This team, under the direction of President and CEO Ken Adelberg, founded the Pro Video Sales Company on the principle that business demands for professional video equipment and service would continue to grow rapidly. The foundation for this premise was simple: * Businesses had an increasing need for more effective and faster communications. * Video in industry had become rapidly accepted for use in sales, training, product introduction and point of purchase sales. * In-house video production was gaining popularity in many companies.

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Just as in 1984, when Pro Video recognized the need for businesses to prepare technologically for the future, we continue to work toward that end today. We have recently introduced the video wall, which consists of a variable bank of monitors, as one example of the coming age of technology. Pro Video has established a complete division to design, install and service the video wall and to meet the ever-increasing needs of our customers in this expanding arena.

Our newest and perhaps most sensational division is the Audio/Video Systems Group (AVSG). This group will supervise the sales, installation and integration of sound and video systems for clubs, restaurants, malls, public and corporate facilities. Among the current jobs in production is the innovative sports bar, Market Street Live! This facility is a prime example of the growing trend toward activity and relaxation. We are installing multi-format large screen projections systems with satellite capabilities, sound equipment and dozens of large monitors throughout the facility.

This full service, highly successful company maintains a low-key and horizontal approach to marketing over the years. Much of our business has been generated through referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations. Pro Video uses direct mail campaigns, professional trade show participation and national advertisements to target and penetrate specific industries that are moving into the video market.

Pro Video is constantly exploring emerging markets in the audio/video arena as it continues to offer on-time and on-target support for every customer. Customers are satisfied because they get the best video equipment to meet their needs and specifications. The system works.

Education, knowledge and service will all come together at the Pro Video trade show, May 9-11, 1990. Over 3,000 people are expected to attend the show and benefit from hands-on demonstration of many of the professional lines of equipment. The manufacturers will showcase the latest in audio and video to our existing and potential customers during this show at the Valley Forge Convention Center. We will also be hosting a series of ITVA run seminars to provide an educational focus on the equipment market.


NEC will be sponsoring our premier seminar on HDTV (High Definition Television), a product which is generating both excitement and controversy in the marketplace. We have enlisted the services of Max Gomex, Health & Science Editor for KYW-TV to be the keynote speaker at this combination seminar/breakfast.

Our goal in promoting this showcase is to offer our customers a chance to meet the manufacturers, audition the equipment and absorb the technology first hand. Providing our customers with this type of an opportunity is one of the ways Pro Video can support both financially and technologically our customer base.

While Pro Video is the largest division of the Hifi House Group of Companies, it does not stand alone. What began as a small consumer electronics business 35 years ago, has developed into a full service audio/video supplier. Along with Pro Video, the company has three other independent divisions: Hifi House, A/V Telecommunications and HFH Commercial Sales.

Hifi House is a retail showroom offering a complete line of audio and video products from leading manufacturers in the industry. Hifi House specializes in big screens, projection and surround sound systems, VCRs, camcorders and the finest in audio and top car speakers brand systems.

A/V Telecommunication handles the residential and business phone systems; single-line phone to key phones; mobile, transportable & cellular phones, fax machines, paging systems and other home office equipment.

HFH Commercial Sales specializes in custom-design and installation of residential & business sound systems, including: intercom, background and foreground music. This division has recently introduced full service CCTV along with surveillance and security systems.

What was true in the mid 1950s when Hifi House was created, remains true today: the Hifi House Group of Companies is ready to serve our customers and to satisfy all of their audio, video and communication needs.

From the most simple technology to the most sophisticated technology which includes, laser, HDTV, interactive and video walls, the experts at Pro Video have a keen sense of the electronics market. We look toward a future of continued expansion in the Delaware Valley and throughout the country, as more businesses recognize the importance of a fully-integrated video system.

PHOTO : A staff meeting at Pro Video.

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This forum has some of the best. What do you have going?

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Are you looking to hire animators for a project?


Some of us animate professionally if you're interested.

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Hello! I'm a good animator. Ready to work.

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