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How to do with expressions to size a bone between two nulls?

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Hey- Malo is on to a great idea there... with Rob's help... how to automate an TSM rigged 'minimal-character' to ANY high CP count character's proportions by placing Nulls at the critical junctions... (ankles, knees, hips, spine base, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, head top.) Then, use the 'scale to reach' feature to size the TSM bones...And then you are able to use Rob's Transfer_AW rigged in 60 seconds feature to do the rest...!

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Hi John, Yes, I think it's possible.
Currently I study and work on several similar projects, which involves modeling in the window "action" ... hence my interogation of this topic.
I made a table here is the file . (activate the pose, go into action mode, move and scale the null, export the model).

Next I was thinking about working on a humanoid, so why not see how to adapt Rob's model.

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I did a test, here is the model.
Create an action.
Put in pose mode.
Move the nulls to make it proportionate. (it's far from perfect, the size of bones can't be changed for example) (then adapt the CPs in mirror mode)
Export the model.
Reopen the model.
Erase the yellow bones, the nulls and the expression "Pose1".
Use the third part of TSM2.
The model is ready.

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