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My scene from "Adventures with Boomer"

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This is the scene I animated for Kevin Detwiler's production of "Adventures with Boomer".


You've heard of a "take" and a "double take". Cary Grant once landed a triple take in "Arsenic and Old Lace." This scene, however, contains a world record... septuple take!

The voice-over narration is part of the framing device in which a grandfather is telling stories to his grandson.



The characters and models were created by Kevin Detwiler in Animation:Master. The terrain backgrounds were created in Vue.


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Robert did a wonderful job on that sequence. Great acting choices. I think I had set up the shots with moving

cameras in the animatic phase. That left the animator with the framework to work in. One of the cool parts was

the horse/ leg tapping him on the back. That was a cool addition by Robert.


Another important R&D portion that Robert added to this shot was his rig and image stamping of the "Knight's 101"

book. The pages turned great for the shot and they had writing on both sides of the mesh.


At the time, I was still using Vue for backgrounds.

Unfortunately, Vue is a render hog. So the moving camera shots all took hours upon hours to finish.

Matching the lighting between the characters, props in A:M and the Vue scene was a combination of

several things.


One of these days I may re-visit that project in depth enough to show more details on the process at the time.

I think it had 23 minutes of animation. Thank goodness I was able to contract a few people like Robert to help out.


I rendered the film in 720p which was big at the time. Especially since some shots were taking around 20-30 minutes per frame

to render. Started the project in 2007 and completed it in 2010.





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