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A Fun Job I Did a While Back...

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Going thru old files... Here is a video made Using A:M to make Corporate video fun... 'corporate' meaning- an invite to a bio-oncology seminar where the producers knew they had some yawner material and they came-up with a nifty idea to house their 'self-shot' cameos in an inviting way... making-use of their 'merge' theme.




I used the 'cartoon car' from the archives... a LOT!





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THANKS! and I see a more recent project has hit the webpage at http://www.sciaky.com/ where a very industrial client who specializes in high-grade 3D printing wanted sort of a 'schoolhouse rock' feel with a little girl showing how easy their manufacturing process is... I did this one last spring. (mostly AE but with some A:M bits.)

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Thanks! The funnest part on that job was coming-up with the expression in After Effects that automatically synched the girls mouth art to the VO.


HERE is another one (I am going thru old files...) from 4-5 years ago. A TV spot for a Cancer center which was already advertising on billboards and magazines using the artwork below... they wanted to bring it to life via animation. I cutout components as needed and built a multiplane setup in Animation:Master and comped it all in After Effects. I made 2 spots like this, I need to find the other one. I think they turned-out pretty nice.



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