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Used A:M to 'arch-vis' a dream I have for an add-on to my house... basically, moving a wall out and making a better entry. The house was built in 1930 and over the years people added-on and connected new sections, the wall I want to blow-out has a huge window on it and is badly insulated- lets a lot of cold in-in the winter...


I used Google maps to obtain a satellite plan-view of my home and fleshed-out the walls and rooflines, then made a pose that had the revisions I have in mind and animated it in a chor. I hope to be able to show this to contractors to see if it can be done.

561Lakeside (1).mp4

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Nicely done and barring some crazy reason why the update can't be done reads as a very smart idea.


That definitely conveys the desired outcome although I suspect to hit the level of detail/clarity Robert mentions would require more than just removing the flying camera.

What you have there should be more than adequate for someone to determine what needs to be done so they can submit a bid on the project.

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Thanks! The door is off to the side in the center patio area. The house is an old fishing cottage that has been updated several times thru the years- last time in '77- so it is due. This addition would benefit by giving a larger living room area, getting-rid of a leaky wall and terrible entry, and it would allow for addition of a 2nd bathroom. The house has a septic field in the front lawn so any added bath would need a direct access to septic.



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