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Win10 Timeline

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For those that have the latest Windows 10 update there is a new feature called the Timeline.

It's basically an updated Task Menu (and Microsoft's way to potentially sift through a ton of user usage data).


Many of the programs I use don't seem to work in the Timeline.

I must assume the reason they don't is because they are not native Microsoft applications.

They don't appear at all in the Timeline except while active.


Those that do can be reverted to the time they last saved something (at least that's what it looks like from here but there is strange stuff going on here)

Of all the programs I've tried A:M is the one that works best.

I think this is because A:M's menu system stores its settings in the Windows registry.

So... not only does the file open.. but the state of the menus returns right along with that.


Note that upon selecting the 'state' from the timeline a new instance of A:M will launch and open the project.

In this way you don't have to close your current work down.


I'm scratching my head a little because some things don't quite make sense.


More exploration necessary.


For anyone else leaning forward into Win10 definitely check out the Timeline with A:M.

And please report back!

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I'll have to check that out on my laptop. Getting time to update my win 7 machine to 10 since 7 isn't all that great with the newer apps. Have an issue with new Corel draw 2018 that fails to close files on external drives making it impossible to eject the media. Thinking it's a usb driver issue with 7.


Talking about data collecting you may want to block Adobe Typekit used on sites. It seems to be opening up a relay between the users machine to talk back and forth to Typekit.net. Basically I am guessing it is another way of data collection using any site authored with Dreamweaver and data can be streamed to Adobes servers. I have blocked all of those leaks using new Opera and surfing now doesn't follow me with polluted searches based on last searched topics. I know people complain about fakebook but that is all in the eula. This seems much more underhanded since users don't agree to anything when they browse web pages.


Win 10 pro worth getting vrs home addition? I have always used the pro versions but using home on my laptop and seems to have all the crap i would ever need. Curious if the extra $$ is a waste on something I may never even find in the console nor care?

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I can't speak to Win 10 Pro as I only have the home edition.


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I have to admit that I never used Win10 Home at all, but as far as I can see you really do not need Pro at the moment as long as you do not need to join a domain-group (in general those are functions only needed in business to easily maintain larger amounts of Desktop computers or you want to use heavily encrypted file systems, etc.


In short: I think you will be fine with Windows 10 Home edition.

Best regards


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