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no "Enable HTML"? [Solved]

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I can't seem to get the "Enable HTML" option to appear under "Post Options" unless I am starting a new thread or editing a post that previously used it.


I can't get it on a new post in an old thread.


Is there a way?



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It will help if you can link to the forum area, post or topic under consideration.


There are several factors that can influence this forum behavior.

The first is that by default html is not allowed in any forum area.

That setting has largely been overwritten over the years because I tend to enable html wherever possible.

The reason html is/was disabled by default is that most forums consider it an unnecessary risk.

In a forum where imagery is as central to your experience such as with Animation:Master it represents an acceptable risk.

So... that's the initial consideration: is the forum area under consideration html enabled?


The second consideration: does the topic/post have 'enable html' toggled on?


This is a little checkbox usually on the lower left of the post while in edit mode.


Yet another consideration is whether the user group members belong to have html posting permission.

Because almost all members of the forum belong to the primary A:M Users group they should have html posting permission by default.


There are probably a few other considerations but those are the primary ones.


The only topic I recall from memory as not having html turned on is 'Off Topic'.


If you can point to a specific location I'll investigate.


Added: The image you posted appears to be Poll related. Polls are yet another option that is off by default and must be turned on via permissions.

Also: You mention this is an older topic and while likely unrelated old topics that are archived may have additional restrictions due to the process of archiving.

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It's been available before. It's available in this thread, but it's not available where I need it now.


It would normally appear, and has in the past appeared, under "Post Options" (which are not part of the "Poll" option)


watch this...




and this...







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In following the URL in the video I was able to determine that the WIPs forum area where the topic was posted wasn't HTML enabled.
I've now enabled it.

Check again to see if you can now see the html option where it was missing.

As html permission was initially set to off by default for all forum areas we are likely to run into this problem again.
It's not a difficult fix but it does help to know where in the forum the problem is being experienced.

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The HTML is back. Thanks, Rodney!

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