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What can the public see?

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Is that intended that the public can't even see posts without signing in?


Sorry you and others are having problems.
Generally speaking most of the forum is open to the public but at various times new forum areas have been created and those often are based on (i.e. get their settings from) another forum. So in most cases those newly created forums will be open as well. There are exceptions to that rule. For instance, the Off Topic forum (if I recall correctly) isn't publicly available for reasons I'd be glad to explain but to discourage trolling is one of those. All topics are of interest in some way or another even it it's to let people know more about the folks that use A:M. But... there are benefits to being a member of the forum.
That's the background.
With regard to your specific case I'd say this is most certainly a permission set that got applied to a forum by accident.
There are some issues with permissions. For instance, I actually have to log out in order to see some forum areas... and I have Admin rights. ;)
The downside of that particular scenario is that it's hard to administrate what I can't see or access.
So... that's the short story of that.
And so the answer to the question you raise in your topic title of 'what can the public see?" the answer from my perspective is more than I can!
Perhaps as we move into the new server Jason can refresh the Admin rights for me and then I can address some of those issues.
To address your problem...
I'm checking some of the forums permissions and setting those that I find that are different to be the same as the primary 'Animation:Master' forum.
That should (at least in theory) allow read and download access to everyone both members and public (with the exception of banned members... who could still access read and download via public access).
Unless a forum specifically needs to be restricted the open level of access is a good default.
The specific forum you mention should now have access but I'll work outward from there to sample some other forums and see if I can locate any that don't conform to the A:M Forum open access standard.
Anyone reading this... if you encounter problems accessing an area of the forum please feel free to note that here in this topic and we'll get it addressed ASAP.

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I'll log out and do some testing.

It's been awhile since I did that so that testing is overdue.

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