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Old forum account partially blocked

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Not sure why my long-time forum member account has been partially blocked, but it now is blocked from searching the Members section. I created a new one to see if that had full access--it does--but I would like to get the original fixed, as it has the history of my participation in the forum (number of posts, replies, date when account was first created, etc.)


The administrator help link appears to not work well with Windows 10/Office 360 Outlook (or perhaps MS Edge browser), so I could not contact the administrator using the site link.


Anybody able to help with this or pass this on to someone who can?


The original account user name is "williamgaylord".



Bill Gaylord


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Good to see you back! I hope Jason or Rodney can remedy that problem.

I'm sure it's a bug and not intentional.

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Hi Bill,

Good to see you!


Give it another try.

At a glance it looked to me like your account just wasn't assigned as a member of the primary A:M Users forum group

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