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Recommend Closing Report #6838 Feature: FFMPEG support

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REF: http://www.hash.com/reports/view.php?id=6838


#6838 Feature: FFMPEG support


While useful FFMPEG is perhaps a bit too broad a category of request for integration with A:M especially in light of the fact that FFMPEG and it's various offshoots and enhancements can well be used externally.


I am currently researching FFASTRANS as a FFMPEG solution as it allows for graphically interfacing with FFMPEG code and automation as nothing anticipated requires direct FFMPEG use through A:M that cannot be accomplished externally.


Link: http://www.ffastrans.com



Also: FFMPEG scripts can be ran internally from A:M via Tools/Options via Windows shortcuts to batch files. So in it's own way, A:M already supports FFMPEG usage in this capacity. If a specific FFMPEG script needed to be ran handily from inside A:M that would be one way to meet the Tools Custom menu could fulfill that requirement.


Recommend closing Report #6838



As always, thanks for all you do for A:M Steffen!

I'm adding this note here in the forum because we rarely shut down feature requests on A:M Reports and that seems appropriate in this case.

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