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Marvelous designer 7 is on sale for Steam.com

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the sale ends on the 19th for $208
almost $300 off of reg prices, however if you buy from steam there is no upgrade price.
I am playing with it now!

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I recall playing with a trial of Marvelous Designer for a little while and viewing some of the related tutorials.

It is obvious why it would be useful.


My primary thought while investigating was that the approach itself to creating clothes lent itself very well to creating clothes in A:M.

The important part of that being how clothes making techniques used in the real world where the pieces and parts are created as separate pieces and put together afterward.


Marvelous designer is very obviously optimized for this kind of thing but the underlyng principles apply across the board making it well worth the expenditure when lots of realistic clothing needs to be created quickly.


I created a pleated skirt in A:M based on one of the tutorials.

I do also recall that for the going price at the time ($599 or some such) I couldn't justify the cost based on my needs at the time.

From what I've seen online it seems that everyone into creating clothes for characters seems to have Marvelous Designer in their toolset.



My posts combined


I just read where CLO... is said to be the big sister/brother of Marvelous Designer.

I don't know enough to guess at differences but one big difference that may be important for A:M users is that CLO reportedly has many import/export cabiliites whereas Marvelous Designer (presumably) does not.


Not sure but I thought I'd link for those interested in looking into the differences:




The pricing appears to be roughly the same (outside of the discount Rusc points to).


Are these in fact the same company?

I'm guessing no and I'll try to look into that later.

Nope. Same company.


Update: CLO appears to be more for 'real world' application hence more import/export capability.

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One of the selling point for me was that you could choose between triangles or quad for your project! Makes it nice to export to quad to OBJ file. If I were to use Hash for the character animation and MD7 for clothes, I would need to think about exporting it to another 3D program to take advantage of the MD7 export option and I think Blender being free would be a workflow option. There is nothing like Hash affordable smart skin in rigging. As much software I aquire, I still like Hash rigging.

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