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Anzovin TMS2 rig, a more complex rig and head rig questions...

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This is Rusty, an ancient AM (circa 2002-2009) user looking to get back into it again. Try to bare with my clumsy questions...its been a long time. First I need to finish the character models and wardrobes that I've already put thousands of hours into. My characters are just heads...everything below the neck is wardrobe (I connect head to wardrobe in the chor or an action depending)...


TMS2 Question...

Can someone remind me of what the status is of what use to be called the Anzovin TMS2 rig (I think that's what it was called)? If memory serves originally it was a couple of plug-ins you purchased from Anzovin then I think at some point it came packaged with AM...then, I think it stopped working with AM and you had to have an older version of AM (which one I can't remember) to install this rig though after that it could be used in the current AM version. This is the rig I had the most luck with. If there is a link to how to use it with the current version of AM that'd be nice.


Other rig (2008?)

There was also another rigging system being developed...it was more advanced and, at that time I never got to actually use it as new versions were coming out too fast but it was cool. Anyway, how's that project doing (or a link to current documentation on it)?


Head Rig

Any current info or links on this? This rig had a control superset which surrounded the face...you could hide the controls, use single controls for right and left or separate controls for each side.





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The TSM 2 rigging plugins still work in the 32-bit version of v15 and v16. Make your model mesh in v18 or v19 if you wish, rig it in v15, then you can go back to v18 or 19 .


You can install and run v15 (and v16 and up) with your current A:M subscription.


You can get the TSM2 installer free in this thread


Of course I don't need to tell you to save incremental versions of your work at every step of the way so it's easy to recover from some misstep.

Of course you already do that.

There are a number of other rigs that people use, but TSM2 is the one I am most familiar with.

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Exactly what I needed to know!



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