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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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I just returned from the theater and enjoyed the film a lot.

Well worth the price of admission. (no surprise there)


This felt like (at least) three movies in one as the various stories of the characters played out on the screen.

I'm glad Disney doesn't break them down into three movies but they certainly could be and... it may be that they are playing to the idea of serials even more with logical drop off points where one story ends and others continue on.


The storytelling is very well done with lots of little surprises along the way.

This is (to me) especially interesting given that there seemed to be a limited way forward and yet the writers managed to build upon what has gone before even as they chart the way forward.

The writers earned their paychecks here.

Importantly, as the story was playing out it was very difficult to predict what was ahead and this is even with those potential milestones teased in the trailers... which this time unlike the trailer for the last film... continuously hit their mark. There were a few moments where distraction was used to highlight those moments even more which makes me think someone very smart was working on/with those trailers.


Lots and lots of great moments for subsequent viewings.


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Just saw this today, I really don't want to run the risk of spoiling anything so all I will say is it was a very strong film. And porgs are adorable.

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And porgs are adorable


They had some fun with that while giving the fans who hate the cute stuff a few moments to call their own didn't they?

I'm specifically talking about the scene with Chewy.

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