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define image width?

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Is there any provision for defining the width or height of an image on this forum?

The BBS code I'm familiar with doesn't seem to work and the HTML version doesn't survive a preview.

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the HTML version doesn't survive a preview.


I'd have to check but I think the html method is the way to go... just forgo the preview and save... then smile or frown... then reedit to taste.**


It's probably easier than that but I'll have to research.

The forum improved in a lot of way after the last major upgrade but it also lost some really basic things that have proven to be a pain. For example: easy embedding of youtube videos.



**I won't commit to looking very deeply into this because I'm going to try to get remotivated into splining and rendering and might need to avoid distractions along the way. I will say though... if you post an image and want it a specific size... add a note inside the post that states something to the effect of 'please resize this to 100x100' and when I see that note I'll put some attention on it! :)


P.S. Forum preview is evil incarnate. I never use it.

I submit and reedit instead as necessary.

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