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Request Forum is back!

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Hey Guys I'm back and ready to go!

I been busy for so long now that i am super rusty so time for me to get back into the swing of things and model away!

so if you need help with a model or learning how to make something just send a request here or contact me at:




look forward to getting back to being my super cool modeling self. so don't be shy and ask away!

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Yay! :)


I don't have a specific request but perhaps something that could be considered would be a generic city building that can be used in a variety of ways to create larger sets of buildings.

The basic idea being office space or apartments on the upper levels but smaller storefront on the street level.

Alternatively, just a random building or set of buildings that could be used as a backdrop of a set.




It hasn't been that long ago that I was wandering through the various models in the forum and the word that came to mind when seeing how many models you have created was 'prolific'!


Also, I put it on the backburner but did some initial exploration into storing A:M resources on github.

Adding resources then becomes similar to programming an application with capability of updates and dialing back to earlier changes.

Others can then clone/branch out a repository of their own and use that as necessary and even use it is their productions (ala SVN).

This data would also form the next A:M Extras and folks could download partial or complete sets of data as necessary.

I like the idea but only explored to the point of confirming that is was a viable option.

Not that users would do this but one idea associated with this was that users could open 'tickets' to update and improve resources as well or suggest new resources.

Those that want to add resources just get set up on github and open a Pull Request (PR).

That PR then gets merged into the main branch.

For those seeking profits additions to the repo could be funded via BountySource.


I have two test sets:




If I recall correctly the AMdata set was for perfecting 'official data' while the amexchange set was catering to new resources.

For instance, with AMdata someone could post an issue relating that the Rabbit rig not posing correctly at 100% on the Dynamic Action slider (which it isn't) and then that issue would be fixed and the Model updated in the data set.



I see from the dates the first one was from two years ago. Yikes. How time flies.

The initial commit appears to be from five years ago! Not sure if I believe that.

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That is one heck of a request! but not something i haven't tried before.

i tried to make a modular city a long long time ago. one that was single buildings with a play set style prj file that could be added and moved around to the persons liking.

I had 5 or 6 different building types that could be scaled and moved anywhere in the play set. but this would have to be on a different scale since you want to be street view.

where i had it set up to be skyline friendly.

give me a little time to play around with this. ill will post updates how its going.

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I'm not expecting anything crazy detailed or any all-in-one solution. More of a 'shot across the bow' to provide a basic building for that general purpose.

It's been on my list of things to do for quite awhile and I've dabbled in the attempt a few times but produced nothing worthy of note.

My style... if I have such... is more cartoony so it doesn't lend itself well to the purpose at hand.

The style and quality of your models is definitely more appropriate.


The thought has occurred to me that these don't necessarily have to be buildings and they could be just fake facades but there is something about having a building readily available from a collection or library that captures the imagination even as it stands ready to solve production problems. We do have quite a variety of buildings already in the greater community and it would be good to get those cataloged and itemized. Most of those would probably fall into the general categogry of 'sets' rather than buildings but... if it works... it works. so almost the same thing. :)


The buildings that immediately come to mind as currently existing exemplars for the A:M Exchange database might be the various buildings from 'Tin Woodsman of Oz' and the backlot set from the 'Rear Window' project although there are many others.


I'd guess that many folks will prefer to build their own for the purpose of the story they are telling but available resources always provide a great starting point.

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I was using these as a template i guess you would say for the city scape but maybe its more of what you were looking for.

I didnt make these buildings and i cant remember who did (maybe one of the members do). but see if these fit your purpose for now until i can come up with something a little more detailed.buildings.zip

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That should do very nicely. :)


The only thing that points to an author is 'Dtune' which is a name I don't recognize.

The primary thing that needs to be tweaked with the buildings is the Darktree textures.


Thanks much!




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no problem. if you need more detailed one let me know.

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