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I am not sure, if I ever showed this off, but for my YouTube channel, I created an intro with A:M.

Most episodes are in German, but every 10 episodes I have a special episode which is in (bad, non-scripted) English.


Now I created the 50th episode, so I thought it would be time to show it here too...


Hope you like it :):



Best wishes


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That was great.


I love YouTube. I watch anything & everything (for a while anyway). I find it humorous that something I look at for 2 seconds out of curiosity then pops up in my suggested list for weeks afterward. It used to annoy me but I've found that some of the most bizarre & entertaining things get my attention that way.


50 episodes of anything is tough. (My podcast is up to 280, though not all have been aired yet.)

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Hey Martin,


thanks a lot :). It was sometimes hard, because I try (and till now I was able to) create one each weekend. 52 will be another anniversy somehow ;).

In general Saturday evening or Sunday morning (Europe/Berlin) it goes online.


But anyway it is fun and just plain interesting to do to and like that, if I can, I will continue to do them ;).


See you


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