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Feature: Birdseye View Queue

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This is a placeholder for information relating to the feature Birdseye View Queue.



As we move around in the Choreography to find the exact view we want it can be advantageous to move back to previous views that we've visiting before.

Now in similar fashion to Undo we can not only move back in time to previous views but move forward again.


When used in combination with the 'Set Camera to bird view' and keframes on the timeline this becomes quite a powerful tool for the director to use.

For instance, we might run through a scene plotting out what we think are our optimal points of view then move back through the Birdseye View Queue and key those positions as we move forward and back in time via the timeline. Then with those shots set we can move to 'inbetween' those to roughly direct the cameras performance, creating new positions to test in the Birdseye Queue, toggling back and forth between them and finally selecting the view we want to use. Finally, we inspect our channel splines and finesse those to smooth out the cameras move, add camera shake, etc.


New icons are added to the toolbar next to the standard Undo/Redo and I like using those.

The shortcut keys associated with back/undo and forward/redo are:


view undo Shift+Alt+Z

view redo Shift+Alt+Y


If A:M isn't freshly installed the icons must be manually installed or the 'Reset Default Toolbars' option on the Help menu can be used.





This is a very handy feature. :)

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