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Light holder for Inline skating at night

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I revised my design in A:M and reprinted it with my Makerbot Replicator 2.

THe first design which I used for quite a time now helped me alot already :).


More can be seen here:



Hope you like it too ;).


See you


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That looks graet it looks like a 3d printer is a good idea


Hey Steve,


yes it is, IF you are willing to put some time in it. I have a very reliable 3d printer now which I can start weeks and month after last usage and it will print right away without any problem.

But you need patience to get it there (I updated it quite a bit with different parts print by itself, etc.) and it will sometimes need some maintainance (meaning sometimes there is a little plastic sticking in the extruder you need to get rid of or some gears need some silicon/oil to run smoothly)... the good thing is: You can do that quite easily.


With 2d printers everything is unreachable, they use special screws to make it harder for you to look into it and even if you are lucky and can get to the problem, you can't really repair it yourself.

With a 3d printer like the Makerbot Replicator 2 here that is much different. There is some kind of a problem? Just open the print head and see what it is and fix it. (most problems decrease the print quality and do not make it totally unusable so you can often print something to fix the problem... I never bought anything for it despite 4 longer screws from a hardware store for an improved print head design which just was a little bigger)


It is an own craft by itself to design for a 3d printer too. You need to make things waterprove, you need to make it printable (not everything is printable right away.. may it be because of size because of over hangs or because the material just can't handle what you throw at it. But splitting the model into parts and glueing it back together after printing or just using supports for the overhangs will make it work most of the times.

But it is a process and things get better and better the more you know what you are doing and how to do it and how to think while designing your parts.


The good thing is: It really is fun and it is much easier than it sounds compared to when I read it here again ;).

And there is that warm feeling if you have a product finally coming to life you created before in A:M with your own hands and mind. That alone is priceless. :D


It's like headlights for your wrists!


Yes it is ;). And now think how cool it becomes when driving through the woods and there is maybe even fog around ;).

It is like laserbeams at you wrists ;).


King !


Thanks everybody ;) It really is so much fun :).


See you



PS: Did not notice that till now, but if you write several posts after each other, the forum will put them together into one post... very interesting :).

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