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Disney's new 'Jungle Book'

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I just returned from seeing the new movie and...


This is an impressive movie on many levels.

What perhaps surprises me most is that I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as the original animated version that is such a classic.


No spoilers here except to say the film remained faithful is significant ways to the animated film. I was surprised by that too.


Two other things that was a bit wary of going in but turned out to be just fine and well executed:

- The film intentionally exaggerates scale on and they work that element like it's almost a character itself. As such it enhances the experience in significant ways and enlarges our view of the jungle especially from Mowgli's point of view.

- While the film did have 'learning point' they were pretty seamlessly woven into the fabric and flow of story which is something few films succeed at accomplishing. Disney has hit on a very interesting approach of late that is well worth looking into. The last movie that I thought pulled that off well was 'Zootopia' which could have gotten bogged down and preachy but managed to avoid that.


And make sure you stay for the end credits... those were as impressive as the film itself.


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