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Live Answer Time, Saturdays Noon CST

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On Saturdays from Noon to 1PM Central Time I will be available on Google Hangout and attempt to answer/solve/demonstrate any A:M question you may have.

1PM-2PM Eastern time
12 Noon to 1PM Central time
11AM-12 Noon Mountain time
10AM-11AM Pacific time

6PM Saturday Greenwich Mean Time (while US is on Daylight Saving Time)

You will need your Google account and a microphone. You don't need a camera, I don't have one either but we can show each other what we are doing with screen sharing.

To access the Google Hangout, click on this link.


  • You will need to be signed into your Google account.
  • Your browser may ask for permission to use your mic.
  • the Chrome browser seems to work best

If possible, please add an avatar image to your Google account so you may appear as something other than a generic icon.


Catch up with past Live Answer Times at Live Answer Time... less live archived versions!

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Kat had to borrow a few things from Keekat (hands, feet and tail) in order to celebrate yet another (upcoming) Live Answer Time.

I was trying to channel Nancy for her dress.


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Jeremy Birn!

That is the name I was trying to recall today. He has a great book, "Digital Lighting and Rendering."

I have not seen his current Third Edition but in this thread I translate the terminology of his Second Edition into A:M terminology



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If you would like to experiment further with radiosity, here is the sample Cornell Box project we used at LAT along with a render preset to use.



It has mostly default settings for Radiosity so the first thing you will want to try to improve the quality is up the "Photons Cast" to 100K or 1M or higher.





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