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Tony White's Mastering 2D Animation course

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Thanks for the heads up on that.


One of the first animation books I happened upon in a bookstore was Tony White's 'Animator's Workbook'. (I even recall where I purchased it)

There were several of the books (more than five... less than 10) in the markdown bin at 99 cents apiece... and so needless to say, I eagerly bought one.

I kicked myself later because in hindsight I should have bought all of the copies of the book in the bin as I could have them shared them with others aspiring animators later.

The next time I returned to the bin all of the books were gone.


Tony White is the king of teaching basic traditional animation technique.

My early thoughts on his approach was that it fell short of achieving that elusive 'Disney quality' so I wasn't satisfied with the book but it sure did give me a hunger to learn more.

Still, Tony's book was accessible to me at 99 cents whereas Disney's 'The Illusion of Life' seemed impossibly expensive.

Of course, if had actually completed all of the exercises in Tony's workbook I'd be a better animator today for it!


It does appear that parts of his current course require Toon Boom studio which will cost approx. $249 (not including any discounts applied such as a $10 discount for purchasing Tony's course).

For those interested in the basics of traditional animation (and especially of how to interpret timing charts) even without the toon boom portion of the course $10 is a great price.

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The deal must be over, i see $150 now.

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