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Image sequence for Frame Numbers

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A:M has a camera post effect that will "burn" the current frame timecode into the rendered image, but on Mac you can't set the size of the effect.


Here is a simple integer image sequence of 000-719 that may be added to a camera as a rotoscope if frame numbering other than what the "burn" effect can do is needed.


It can be resized and moved to anywhere in the frame.


I'll note that having an animated rotoscope in the frame seems to slow down real-time performance so you may want to turn it off until you render.






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Thanks for those Robert, a very useful counter.
Strangely I've just been doing a Heavy Push over the last week or so as and when I had free time. But it's nowhere near as good as yours!
Any way thought I would experiment with putting your counter on it.
So here it is for what it's worth…

Heavy Push & Frame Counter.mp4

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Excellant, a bonus Robcat critique!
Thank's for taking the time to do that Robert, getting an outside perspective on what we are doing is always great!
It's funny but much of your suggested corrections I was sort of aware of at the back of my mind even as I was doing it and still somehow failed to address them! Like having his hands to high on the box at the start, not getting enough tension into the extension of the legs etc… etc...

I think a lot of what's wrong stems from me not getting the very start right, which in turn influenced how I did the next bit and so on…
Getting the start of an isolated sequence like this right from the very beginning is key, because it informs all that comes after it. Both from the viewers point of view and from that of the animator's actions.
How heavy is the box? How strong & heavy is the character?


Will be having another go at this again but sadly only as free time permits, so it might be a little while before I can show you take two.
Again thank you, your thoughts on this were much appreciated Robert.

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