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Updating Profiles (A:M version)

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Please take a moment to update your profile information so that others can more quickly and effectively address problems you may experience.

The A:M Forum is known for it's members who are quick to assist and troubleshoot problems.

One way we can members can quickly get to the root of an issue is to get all the information needed from you.

This includes operating system, memory, and other information that helps focus on things that may be unique (or not unique) to you.


When subscribing to the forum there are several custom fields that members fill in and one of the most important is the version of A:M you are currently using.

Because folks usually only register to the forum once, unless periodically updated your profile information may not be accurate.

As new updates are released the A:M version listed may not reflect the release you use.


The best advice for troubleshooting that can be given is to 'stay current... update to the current release of A:M'.

Subscribing grants access to many different releases of A:M simultaneously... so if one release doesn't solve the problem perhaps another will.


The important thing: If you are experiencing problems we want to get those resolved.

The best way to get that done is to know more about you and the release of A:M you use.

So, update that profile!


Current options for selecting A:M releases include:


N/A (not available/not applicable - the default)
v18 (This implies that you have the abilty to use the current release (v18) although for production purposes you may also be using other versions)
v17 (your focus is on v17)
v16 (your focus is on v16)
other (this is better than N/A as it shows you are paying attention and may need additional assistance not common to other users)
Trial (important because of the limited time you have to try out the software... noting you within the trial period will (theoretically) get that info/attention fast tracked to you.
Subscription (this implies you have or have recently had access to the current/recent releases)
Note: In order to serve the community better this profile setting may reset to N/A with each major release of A:M.
After each major release remember to check/update your profile.
There are other things to update in your profile but keeping the A:M release info up to date is a good starting point, especially if experiencing problems.

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Tried to update keep getting this error when selecting A:M version


Oops! Something went wrong!



One of the fields you filled in requires values in a specific format, but the value you supplied did not meet this format ('Website URL').

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Guest markw

Hi KJ'd Beast
Yes that "Oops" kept throwing me at first too!
On the page you were filling out, look at the filed for entering a web address. If you don't have an address to put in there make sure it is completely empty before hitting the submit button.
For some reason by default it has http// already entered there, which of course is not a valid "Website URL" by itself!

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