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Featured Rigs is now a protected sub forum

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Well, the title says it all.


Is this intentional? I hope not since I'm sure that there were a lot of people who visited that forum for information and did not have logins.


I'm not always in a situation where I can login to these forums for various reasons but still would like to be able to reference the material.

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Ask Rodney, it might be just a blip.

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Pushing some of the (mostly older) forum content inside the login wall is designed to enhance the experience of those that don't have time to login or prefer not to be distracted.

It also should enhance the experience of those that login to access exclusive content or just prefer to drink from the perverbial firehose.


The long term goal is to 'publish' material for the masses of animation:master wannabes so that they don't have to wade through extraneous information in order to be successful.

It'll take some time to get there and occasionally some very good information that should be out in the public view will be overlooked.

Wherever identified we'll make it available.


The Featured Rigs forum is definitely a place we want everyone to frequent!


It should be noted that even though some information may be behind the login with very few exceptions that information should still be available even to those that do not login.

In other words, if they follow a link they should be able to get to the information.

This appears to not be the case with the Featured Rigs forum and *I think* it's now been corrected.


Thanks for noticing and reporting!

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