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Hey Everyone.


Has anyone done some .obj imports enough to notice a speed difference.


It could be me, but it seems a little slower in V18.


Could be me.







I haven't done a direct comparison ( although I can try tomorrow if you'd like ? ) but it seemed about the same to me. An oddity I noticed was, on the Mac at least,obj worked a LOT faster than 3DS importing in 17 and 18.

an 150mb size obj file imported in about 15 mins but a 15mb size 3DS file still hadn't got beyond 60% after 8 days ( not a typo, DAYS ).I gave up then as I'd finished the basic woodwork I was doing at the time.

If you have a file you'd like to try , let me know and I'll give a bash tomorrow?



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I'm noticing that on triangulated obj's of only about 5-15 megabytes, it's taking long enough for me to give up and stop the process.


Sometimes it's hard to tell if A:M has crashed or just (Not Responding) as the message indicates.


The "Not responding" indicator shows up it you click anything. So I'm always unsure of whether A:M has quit or just not finished.


At that point, for all practical purposes...it has crashed until the import process finishes.

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It will be "not responding" while it's churning through stuff. Let one run and you can start a second instance of A:M if you need to work on something.


Of course if you'e not paying rapt attention to it you won't know exactly how long it took. :P

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used to import obj quite frequently import was much faster if you have an un triangulate feature in the software and can change all parts that look okay to quads as I remember . I will compare the two and post my results MODEL ON modelers !!!

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