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Cause and Effect - What is going on under the hood?

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I wasn't entirely happy with my last go around with rigging my Papa Bear model so I decided to go back and have another go with it. At the same time I re-worked some splines in order to try and make it easier to control joint issues. Starting with a fresh model file, I applied the 2008 rig, followed the instructions all the way up to cp weighting, and ran into some weirdness. On the right leg, I am experiencing issues with the Right_Thigh_Geom bone. When the leg is moved (in an action) to an extreme down position then thigh bone spins 180 degrees and twisting the mesh in all sorts of ugly ways. If I slide the foot forward just the littlest bit the same thing happens.


Here's an example:




I went through the instructions multiple times, and while knowing full well I screwed something up, I can't for the life of figure out what. So the programmer in me wants to know, a) what the devil is going on? and B) more importantly, how do I diagnose what is going so I can correct it myself.


Here is the model in question if anyone wishes to have a looky see.



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Do you have a version of the model before you ran the install rig plugin? It looks as though something was scaled wrong during the leg installation.


Yup, that was it. Lesson learned; once install rig is run, no touchy the bones!

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