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Forum Member search doesn't work correctly

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I find that Member search doesn't work well.


I now know Charles Babbage's screen name is DrPhibes but when i was trying to find all the member whose screen names began with Dr, to ascertain the exact spelling, that one didn't come up. All that came up was "dragonwind".


Also, a search on "contains" "phibes" didn't work either.

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Frustrating isn't it.

Sometimes it seems to work while other times it doesn't.

At a guess I'd say that the member search is filtering on user groups and leaving some of those groups out of the search pile.


I don't have a fix for this presently but there is something of a workaround.


You can use a standard Full Search but leave the search word blank.

Insert the Members name (or a good guess) and the results will return.

Once you have the results then you can click on the correct member (assuming there is more than one candidate) and bring up all their posts or topics.


See attached for where to enter the members name:


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