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General Notes about Rabbit

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This is just a note to consider whenever next updating Rabbit.


There are three known (but minor) issues with regard to Rabbit (the character used in the Art of Animation:Master exercises) as of Jan 2014.


1 Inverted Normal

This inverted normal is at the location of a hook on the upper left ear.

Solution/Workaround: Select patch and flip Normal

Other: There may be other inverted normals but as it is on the head is is more pronounced and visible.


1 missing 5 point patch

This missing 5 point patch is on Rabbit's left check near the eye.

Solution/Workaround: Select all 5 CPs and create a 5 point patch.

Other: There may be other unpatched 5 pointers but as it is on the face it is more pronounced and visible.


1 Overshooting Dynamic Pose

The Dynamic Pose slider is an example of how to use Pose Sliders to position/pose characters. When the Dynamic Pose slider reaches approx. 87% the left hand penetrates Rabbit's hip. It then continues to move inward as slider increases to 100%. Note that the Right hand does not reach/touch the right side of Rabbit's hip.

Solution/Workaround: Stop the slider at 87% and adjust the right hand by moving the forearm toward the hip.

Note that the ultimate fix may be to adjust the rotation of a bone higher in the heirarchy as it seems both arms rotate farther to the right than necessary.


Please collect any additional issues with the Rabbit character here to be incorporated into a future update.


Learning opportunity:

When learning to troubleshoot models it is rare to have such isolated instances of inverted normals, missing 5 point patches and an overshooting pose that create mesh penetration. As such Rabbit provides an excellent means of troubleshooting these areas of interest to new users of Animation:Master, especially as Rabbit is one of the central characters used to learn Animation:Master. As such it MAY NOT BE OPTIMAL to repair these errors in Rabbit as those errors can be used in troubleshooting exercises or tutorials to better understand Poses, Inverted Normals and 5 Point Patches.


Edit: At a glance there appears to also be 2 unclosed 5 point patches at the lower corners of Rabbit's mouth as well as one or more inverted normals on the front of the left wrist band.

These should be repaired in a future update of Rabbit.

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