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Simon Edmondson

Bone Growth

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I posted a question on the AM forum about a difficulty I'm having with V17g. It was suggested that I post it here as a report.


Animating a sprint sequence, the rotate handle on the model bone seems to grow over time. Starting at 40 cm and growing to over 13 metres in five seconds worth of frames


This is what it looks like at frame 0




and this is it 5 seconds or so later.




This is the project file with all models included.

Working in OSX 10:68 in V 17g.





Simon Edmondson

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Actually, you want to log into www.hash.com/reports and submit the report there. That's where they are all tracked and followed.




Hope I have got it right this time.

Mark has suggested a solution which I ill try after this render goes through.

Thank you.



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