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strange behaviour of lite rig

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i´ve rigged a bunch of characters for a current job with the lite rig and i already animated half of it, so i don´t want to re-rig.


the problem is that cp-weights get messed up when animating. the weighting itself isn´t actually messed up though, it just looks like it (knees and elbows occur crooked for instance). when i select the cps for let´s say the knee ring and click edit cp weighting, the values for the weights are fine, but i have to hit apply again to de-crooke the knee. after that i save and hit the space bar, and everything else also pops back to the way it´s supposed to be. but: if i have multiple characters in the scene, every time i fix one, the other gets re-messed-up. this only happens with the lite rig, is there a way to fix this permanently?

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Hi Sebastian,

I'm not sure from your description but I may have seen the same problem as you when using the LiteRig a year or so back and I'm not sure it is the LiteRig causing it per say.

For me it wasn't that the CP wights were wrong but that the bias settings for the splines passing through them were altering just a little each time a joint was moved and so the distortion effect got worse and worse. CPs that were not parts of joints never showed any distortions.

Closing down A:M and then reloading the project fixed the distortions but they would creep back in again every time I played through what I was working on.

However these bias distortions were not evident when it came to rendering so long as I had not played/stepped through the Chor before rendering to file.

I never saw this affect in an action window but that maybe just because any given joint never got rotated enough times for the effect to show.

I would suggest rendering out a few frames and see what you get.


I reported all this to Steffen and in the next A:M that he released it seemed fixed but I had also stopped using the LiteRig by then.

Maybe this issue has crept back in again in 17g?

As for the LiteRig itself I'm not a big fan. When it works its a nice rig to animate with but I'v always had problems getting it to work properly.

The 2008 rig would be my first choice now.

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thanks mark...


yes, this is exactly the problem... it´s the bias... closing, opening, and not touching anything before rendering seems to work. just figured that out a couple of minutes ago :)


i usually use the squetchrig, but since i had to rig a bunch of characters and the job isn´t paid very well, i used the lite rig, because its much faster to install. i´ve only used it once before on a robot-like character with no curved splines at all, so i wasn´t aware of the problem. in general i like this rig, but it has it´s flaws... i don´t think i will use it again in the future.


i created the project in v16, but also tried v15 and v17, same results in all versions.

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I've seen these issues before. I see it when I do alot of weighting without saving, more so if the model has porcelain applied and hires decals.


yes, that happens all the time with any rig when doing cp-weighting. but after saving and refreshing the view it goes away.

with the lite-rig it happens when animating, and saving and refreshing doesn´t work. just closing and reopening and not touching anything before rendering works.

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just closing and reopening and not touching anything before rendering works.


Yes me too, I have experienced this. But I use a hybrid rig (a little bit of lite rig and 2008 rig and my own face rig). I believe others (soulcage guys?) have reported they also find it better to render "fresh".

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