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So I import an OBJ model with textures and it has a decal stamped. However, I need to 'fix' the mesh and in doing so destroy the stamp (ie those fixed patches are new and not stamped) Is there a way to 'add' these CP's/patches back to the original stamp? (when I double click on the stamp the modified CP's no longer show)


I still haven't worked out 3DPainter as yet. When I prohection paint the UI shows the result I am after but once I accept the projection paint the model and texture reverts to pre painting (this is for imported models with textures)



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As of yet there isn't an automatic way to fix that.


One might attempt to manually apply the old map to the new mesh and then use the UV editor to fine tune the placement, but this presumes your original map is not some weird checkerboard thing.

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