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Like any piece of commercial software, Animation: Master utilizes a license (or serial number) in order for the program to activate and function on your computer. The web-subscription's license is only valid for one year at a time and has to be renewed annually; however, the CD version does not. There are some important things to note regarding the Animation: Master license.



Transferring Licenses

The license for both the web subscription and CD versions of Animation: Master are locked to one computer/user. The common misconception is that the CD license is transferrable/sellable due to the fact that it will function on multiple computers. This is technically in violation of the End User License Agreement for Animation: Master, so beware selling or giving your CD copy of Animation: Master to somebody else.


The web subscription is more clear cut as once the license is activated on a computer, that license will not work on any other computer. There are certain exceptions to this however. In the event of such circumstances as computer crash or a user has bought a replacement computer to their previous one, the A:M license is transferable to the new computer if there is time remaining on the subscription.


To have the license transferred, contact Hash Support, support at hash dot com, (replace the at and dot with the appropriate symbols).


It is prudent to keep the master0.lic file found in the Animation:Master folder when transferring licenses from one machine to the other as this file contains data necessary for the license to work properly.





See Also:

Violation of Terms of Use

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I contacted support but I thought I would also ask here.

I'm getting the new AM version of program to crash after playing with a few dialog boxes,

Once it crashes or I close it manually, the next time I launch the app I get the registration dialog box.

My license file is present and works (I took it out of the folder once to see the difference), but after the program crashes it forgets about the license and I have to start over, entering my name and e-mail.

Now it bugs me every time and I can't do much before it crashes.

My Mac:

7GB free storage

MacBook Air i5


Running Yosemite 10.10.4

No other issue with other software, I ran the latest AM from your FTP site.

Rebooting doesn't help.

Help... thanks.

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