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Video: Installing the A:M 2008 Rig

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Hello everyone,


I finally posted the 2008 Rig Install video that I made while I helped thejobe install the A:M 2008 rig into his elf model.


You can watch the video at my web site.




If any of you were looking forward to seeing it I am sorry for the delay.


This is a long one at about 3 1/2 hours and I have yet to cut it down into smaller videos for those of you who may only want to check out certain sections of the process.


Here is a index listing that you can use to jump around the video in the meantime:


00:00 Opening

00:30 Introduction

11:18 Instructions Overview

16:30 Spine Install

37:10 Leg Install

1:10:41 Balance System Install

1:23:40 Arm Install

1:47:33 Hand Install

2:25:48 Running the Install Rig Plug-in and assign CPs

3:05:08 Running the Mirror Bone Plug-in

3:14:20 Testing the Rig

3:25:48 Credits


There are parts that I cut out that I will post separately but that will be later on.


I hope that those of you who may have had trouble installing this rig find this useful.


Take care.




You can download the rig itself from this post here the forums.


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