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INSTALL Rig Plug-in

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The InstallRig plugin is only a helper to organize the hierarchy of the bones. As David mentioned, it deletes bones with INSTALL in their name and reparents (if required), hides the control bones and unhides any bone with GEOM in their name.


The squetch rig requires a constraint setup for the installation process, which interferes with the relationships for the actual rig. So the final import model is just for importing the relationships/poses.


The 2008 rig uses the InstallRig plugin to delete the INSTALL bones and unhide the GEOM bones. There is no final import for the 2008 rig, because it was designed to use the FK setup for installation, which positions the IK setup (FK/IK SWITCH) while in the action.


Both rigs require exporting from an action to maintain the new positions of the bones. This is also true for the literig, but it doesn't use the InstallRig plugin for installation.

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