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Jason Simonds

Vintage A:M Films And Wiki maybe down.

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Hello Everyone;


At this time I'm a bit behind on getting Vintage A:M Films and wiki.hash.com moved to it's new home. Last time we moved servers I just left them the way they were because it was a ton of work to update them. But now I'm forced to update them.


An over view of the problems. At this time A:MFilms and the wiki only run in apache 01 with php 4 They may run in apache02 with php4 but i have not tested that. The vintage films site will take the most work as it's 100% custom coded. I just did some clean up on vintage films after last time it was offline but it's not really close to done. The wiki it can be updated with mediawiki update script and a few changes. But the new formatting is causing some problems and there is a few bugs with the linked forums log in with the new version of meidawiki.


At this time the machine will come offline at 11:59pm cst 06/23/12 What was hosted on that machine was two svn, so svn, wiki, Vintagefilms, Vstudio svn. All of the SVN's have been moved and the old machine backs up every 12 hours till end of life. I'm working around the clock on this but there have been so many bandages to problems(done by me and others) that it's a lot of work. I will use this thread to keep you up to date but I assure you that no data will be lost in the moves.


Thank You;

Jason Simonds

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