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2008 Rig and non symetrical model

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I've got two characters (at least) to rig for my upcoming project. One is my old pal Knuckles McGurke whom I got right up to the point of rigging some time ago and never did. (Rigging has always intimidated me.) The other character is one that started as a reworked head from one of the Extra's DVD models. Neither one was CFA'd.


I really want to use the 2008 rig for these characters and as I began to start I noticed on the first page of the instruction PDF

that one of the requirements was a symmetrical (CFA) model.


Is it possible to install the rig in a non symmetrical model and make whatever adjustments neccessary, by reassigning cp's?


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Yes, but you'll have to take extra steps.


Position the rig for the right side. Before you run the install rig plugin and assign cps to the bones, run the mirrorbones plugin first. This will mirror the install bones so you can adjust the other side. Then you can run the install rig plugin after you position the rig. You will have to manually assign the cps to the bones on both sides, the mirrorbones plugin won't work here.

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