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Jeff (Tincan) Cantin's Basic Splinemanship Demo

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Jeff Cantin's 1999 demonstration on Basic Splinemanship is now playing at the top of the forum.


A few features and methodologies have changed over the past 12 years but you owe it to yourself to review this demo.


What is the difference between a Spline and a Patch?

What defines a legal Patch?

Why use Named Groups?

Discover this and a whole lot more via this classic basic splinesmanship demo.


While Jeff doesn't drop into the forum very often these days his website is still active:



Click here to view the demo at A:M Films: http://amfilms.hash.com/video/117/Jeff-Can...PH--99--LA'


Stay tuned right after Jeff's Demo for Billy Eggington's classic demonstration of modeling a dog. You've never seen a dog quite like this one!

Note: These demos were recorded in LA at SIGGRAPH '99.

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