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Seagull model needed

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There is that Goose that comes with A:M that could be easily re-purposed for that. For that just open you A:M Library window and drag and drop or double click.


There are a lot of birds on the Extra CD (not sure if there were any seagulls). I do recall seeing a cartoon version of a seagull but assume you are looking for a bit more realistic?

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Thank you.. I was looking for something more realistic but not necessarily detailed.. I figured if I could not find exactly what I wanted either on the AM disk or extra disk, then I would have to re-work/skin something currently available.


I am making an animation short for a school project and wanted some background seagull flying above the island.

As it is not an essential character, I am sure I can get away with re-working a bird that is offered on the AM disks.



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