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Thoughts on the search engine

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here's food for thought on the search engine here,


i just figured out you get different results for your searches depending on

which page you start the search from (or if you're signed in or not),

and really think it would be a good idea to write in a tip about this in the search option box.

"for best results, start your search on the hash.com/forums/index page"


also, it's quite misleading that AM films is written in as a subcategory in the big

box for search hierarchies on the advanced search page, when you only get hits

from there if you start from that page. due to visual memory and that effective image map,

i've never even suspected two searches are needed.

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Are you going to the "more search options" link?


edit: I guess you are. I haven't noticed the "memory" thing. That's interesting, you may be the first.

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