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Hey Rodney whatever happened to the classroom thing you had going on in here a number of years back. I am a returning user from 2005 ( i went on a north american tour for a few years) i am back again and now i see we are at version v16 wow. so now i have to start from scratch again and if memory serves me you had this learning am class you did, is it still out there.



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I can't speak for Rodney, but we have been talking of revamping TAoA:M to better teach some concepts that A:M users need to know.


But the exercises in TAoA:M are still good. Do them, if you have a questions or get stuck... ask here on the forum!

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Hey Mike! It's great to have you back again. (You'll have to fill us in on the details of your North American tour)


Yes indeed... as Robert mentioned we are only days away from beginning a new revision of The Art of Animation:Master exercises.

The old exercises aren't going anywhere any time soon though and are still very relevant.


The TaoA:M forum area can be found here:



...and the Youtube version of the current videos can be found here:



If you are able and willing we'd love to include you in the effort to revise (improve and enhance) TaoA:M.

One thing that would help tremendously is to write down notes (either on paper or here in the forum) about what comes to mind or captures your attention as you go through the exercises . If something could be clearer... if something could be expanded upon... if additional information would help you learn A:M easier... or better... we want to hear about it. Of course the primary benefit to you is that you'll learn faster and more thoroughly in the process of diving that deeply into TaoA:M.


Welcome back! You've picked a great time to reappear. :)

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thanks guys i cant wait i am downloading v16 as i write this. i did notice one thing in the tutorials page that 16 and 17 are the same thay are both cosmic bowling 17 should be fire and smoke.

thanks again guys.


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