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iPiSoft New Version and Demonstrations FREE!

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Dear Fellow Animators, Great News!


iPiSoft has released a new version of their Kinect (1) camera mocap studio software, that now supports FBX and Collada (DAE).

And you can now export .BVH Motion Files in 5 flavors for 3D Max biped, Motion Builder, Blender, Iclone, and Endorphin!


Check out this little preview for some of the new export options in iPiSoft/Kinect Studio! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypAOR4Ne9MU and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_iG1d8Pzyo&amp


Download the 20 FREE BVH it created! http://bit.ly/jG79nk


Download the New and FREE iPiSoft 30 day demo at http://tinyurl.com/iPiSoft


Plus If you buy any iPiSoft Mocap system (within 6 months from Truebones) You will also receive as a bonus the entire T.O.M.B."The Online Motions Box)5,000 BVH motions library for Free!(Over a $1,000 value!)


Please help spread this important news to your friends.


Thanks and Cheers

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