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Mac v16 users, can you try this?

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Here's something to try...


start a new PRJ in v16


start a new model


create a chain of two bones and add a third bone that isn't a child of those two


(this means Bone 1 and Bone 3 will be at the same level of the hierarchy and Bone 2 is a child of Bone 1)


make a new ON/OFF Pose and create the constraint to Kinematic constrain the two-bone chain to the third bone.


(RMB on Bone 2 and choose New Constraint>Kinematic. Use the Eyedropper to choose Bone)


Close the Pose window


got back to the model window then turn the pose ON in the model's properties window


Drop the model into a new chor


do the two bones follow the third bone when you drag it?


If not, save the PRJ and reload it. Do they follow now?



Here's a video of me doing it.




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Don't need to test .

Doesn't work in mac RC1.


Well, that confirms it!

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