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Here is a sample of some different multipass renders.


Multipass really shines when it comes to accurate depth of field and motion blur.

it makes the render look more refined in my opinion.


some edge lighting with gradients for the bug shading.




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Wow! :ph34r: Great job of modeling and lighting. Would like to learn more about how you set up the lighting and multipass.


Some day I'd like to make a similar model of a trilobite and animate it--sort of like roach like, but with a lot more legs. (I collect fossils.) My wife shudders at the thought of trilobites skittering across her bare feet.


Can hardly wait to see the roaches animated! Will you roaches talk, as in "Joe's Appartment"?


Bill Gaylord

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(even though there is no such thing as "pre-historic").

So are you of the camp that believes that the dinosaurs just didn't make it onto the Ark?


Or are you of the camp that believes that the Earth was create 6000 years ago dinosaur bones and all, the bones being put there to confound the ungodly?


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Thats quite funny. Considering that there is no mention anywhere in that book that the earth is 6000 years old its also strange. he he. People and supposition. rofl.


Now people have been around... lol


Mike R

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