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Rendering Error.

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Hey all. Having a real nightmare with this. I'm under the gun to get a banner done for a convention next week and I need to get the finished file off to the printer but A:M isn't cooperating.


I've attached an image of the error I'm getting as well as the project file (I embedded all) I am working with and I'll attach the images I'm using as decals as well.


There are two .tga files for one of the models and since this forum doesn't allow for the upload of .tga files I uploaded them at my forum. Here are the links since, there's not point in rendering the file for me if it doesn't look right.





The image I'm trying to render is huge. 5100 pixels wide by 4800 pixels high. I've tried rendering this a dozen different ways and it always ends with the same error. I was using 15.0i but Robcat turned me on to 15.0j+ and after failing every kind of render in i I updated to j+ but that didn't work either. Same error.


I know the image is huge but as I said it's for a banner. If I try and make it smaller and then upsize it in Photoshop the end result is going to look like crap. As it is I'm concerned about the DPI (the printer wants 300 DPI) and the fact that I'm going to need to convert it to CMYK (neither setting, as far as I know, is available in A:M).


Ideally I'd like the best quality image which I think is probably a targa (if targa is not the best quality please tell me and use the one that is). Ideally I'd also like the image with a nice toon setting. Nothing too thick, just enough to give it that "almost looks like it was drawn" look.


If anyone can render it for me and send me the file I'd be really grateful. I actually have to do another one (even though I know it won't render I'm going to start arranging the models and whatnot tonight since I'm so short on time) and I'm freaking out on the time limitations here. So much to do, never enough hours.


And if anyone has any idea what the problem is please let me know. I'd really like to get the matter resolved.







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It sounds to me like you are running out of RAM. An image of that size would take a LOT of RAM. Plus, those gigantic decal images will eat RAM like a kid eats candy on halloween.

300dpi for a *banner* is ridiculous. 150 dpi should be plenty.

What are the dimensions in inches?

Try rendering at 2550 x 2400 and up-sizing it.


When I have to make posters and such (except for fine art works) I design the poster in Photoshop or InDesign, with placeholders for the content that must be rendered in A:M. Then I render only those elements at the exact size I need (just for the element, not the whole poster). The I assemble everything back in Photoshop or InDesign. That is the most reliable way I have found for working with very large layouts.


For fine art works that must be printed at the highest resolution possible, I place the camera so it only sees 1/4 of the whole scene, and I aim it as -straight-on as possible. It also helps to change the camera type to "Orthogonal" if I can get away with it. Then I move the camera so on the next frame it covers another quadrant, and one the next frame, another quadrant etc. Then I use the Panorama stitching tools in Photoshop to assemble the final image.

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Welp here's the other project with the only different decal I used. Same everything else. Same error message. This is a nightmare.


If anyone has the computer power to render these for me let me know. If you want payment or something maybe we can work something out but I need it really soon.



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Ok while I wasn't able to resolve the issue on my computer my family has a much faster one. I used that computer and all is resolved. Yay! Enough histrionics for one night. I have three hours until work.


Bleh. Sleep.


Thanks for the help. :D

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Maybe if you divided the render in four or more parts. Returning the camera to 0,0,0, and rotation to 0,0, 0, then adding for cameras each with the size of a fourth

of the main camera. Place each camera covering a fourth of the main camera. Constraint the to translate too and orient lake the main camera. Render each of the fourth cameras and join the four images in photo shop.

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