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You mean the installer won't run?



Well, I got it too install (adleast, I think). But when I installed it, it got a glitch. It was seen like it installed but my destop icon (to click it open) was just a little white page (looking) icon that said animation master. When I clicked it, it never opened. I tryed to uninstall it to reinstall but it never would uninstall. I just eventually restord my pc. Now it's off of my computer. Back to square one. I just want to know is, is it supposed to work or is it something wrong I'm doing?

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Of course windows 7 didn't exist when v12 was made, but in general I don't know that old windows programs are NOT compatible.


Anyone? (I'm still on W2K)



this help?




or this?



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v13 works for me on Win7.


I have an up to date 15j+ version running on Windows 7 64bit and except the odd crash here and there (usually during simulations or clumsy delete/undo operations) it runs just fine. You might want to try to set the cmpatibility options and/or disable Aero if an older version won't run. And you could run the installer in compatibility mode too if it doesn't work like it should. In general: the more "low level" an application is, the more likely will it have compatibility issues in new OS versions. And Direct-X and OpenGL is about as low-level as it gets :P




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Web based here ( V15j ) using Windows 7 ... A:M is working smooth and fast ...

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