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Decal's and material

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Rodney or who ever else can answer. I was wondering if "Images forum” is for decal's and material or is it for another purpose? If not Can you make one since it would be useful. :) Since I may have some decal's and material to add.

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I'm pretty sure the "materials" sub forum would be the place for materials. Images would be for actual bitmaps, I suppose that means texture images?



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...an image is an image is an image (actually its not.... so very good question!!!)


You are welcome to drop any image you like into the mix but the Image forums original intent is for images that can be used with Layers and Rotoscopes. Think scenes you can plop a character into such as in one of Disney's Multiplane sequences. Rather than using models and sets everyone can just use the image of the model or set (or sequence).


If someone wants to contribute a sequence of their character running... by all means get to it!

PNG format with transparent background would work best.


Images are images though so the Images forum area will be what we make of it.

If 'Images' is textures to you... post textures.


If we need to move any images to the Materials Laboratory we'll move them later. (There is a place for Materials already)


It should be noted that most decals would be grouped with the object they decal.

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I want to explore the idea of images a little further...


Lets say you've got an object that rotates in a cyclic motion.

If you render that out as an image sequence you can use that image sequence over and over again in a variety of situations and at various angles.


A computer screen for instance has to have *something* on it.

Perhaps a sequence of staticy images for one of those late night TVs.

How about a collection of rendered rocks to plop into a scene here or there.

A spaceship might not have to have three dimensions to it if one highly detailed rendering is available.


This Image option may be also be of interest to those that cannot share their models but are willing to share a rendered image. Find a decent angle of the model, or two or ten... render them out and share.


...and we haven't even really scratched the surface of the EXR format and normal maps here.


Images are very useful resources.

But when considering them for use in animation it helps if they are properly prepared.

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