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Small bug with the updated 2008 rig

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In you "priorinstallrig" model the hand and wrist bones are out of position as well. To me this looks like user error during installation, since I can't reproduce it. I've tried to duplicate your issue and can't. What verion of A:M and what OS are you using?


[EDIT]This is a scaling issue. You did not scale the bones in the rig properly, which bone you scaled incorrectly, I don't know.


This image tells me there were scaling issues. Somehow the hand bone is skewed as you can see from the rotate manipulator. Also, the small bones in the fingers should be 90' to the rest of the bones in the finger, this is caused by incorrect scaling.


If anything, this is an A:M bug. I would suggest trying a fresh install again to see if you have the same issue, making sure you follow the directions correctly, scaling bones especially. If you still have issues, you may need to send it to A:M reports.


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The priorinstall is the backup of the model before I right clicked and installed rig through the wizard.


I used AMv13_2008_Rig_INSTALLER_update8.mdl under 15.01 on xp pro 32 bit. This is the first time I've used the 2008 rig under 15.0i. Previous version went pretty smooth and I don't manually transform any of the bones unless specifically called to do so in the rigging doc.


Am I doing something flippin stupid again?

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When scaling a bone you must use a corner of the manipulator, making sure you are scaling in the XYZ axis equally. If you hover the mouse pointer over the corner, it will tell you the axis you are scaling in.

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I did a new quick install, with your model, with no issues (vista, v15i). So, I'm still assuming it's user error on installation (scaling incorrectly, not using the corner of manipulator for XYZ scale to scale equally).

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