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A:M Libaries

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Al said:

Currently, we have a folder for models and materials. I wasn't sure if this should go under models or not. Or is it possible to have a Libraries folder?


Ideally I suppose we would have an A:M Exchange folder for each of the standard resources roughly mirroring the layout in A:M:


- Libraries

- Tutorials

- Projects

- Choreographies

- Models

- Actions

- Materials

- Images

- Sounds

- Post Effects


These are the Categories of things we can collect.

Of course within these Categories we can collect other things too:

- Filters

- Movies

- Cameras

- Lights

- Props



One problem with breaking out Libaries on their own is that the collections can easily get separated from their Libary folder. For this reason its a good idea to keep designated Libraries with their Resources. As the resources change the Libraries should change too. (Currently this is not automated)


Some refinement of organization structure is inevitable but as near as I can tell, A:M Exchange is now a collection with 'Al's Greebles' being the first of many Library subfolders. :)

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Libraries are an important enough topic to warrant a subforum of their own.

The ultimate objective is to connect users to their libraries (and where we are willing to share... with ours).

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